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Openreach: Gunja Limbu – Apprentice Network Engineer

“My role within Openreach is a fibre network engineer and it involves providing fibre to the premises or cabinets and eventually to the end users. I am enjoying this job a lot more than my previous jobs simply because it involves tasks that suit my personality better and I get the opportunity to do more practical things. Through my apprenticeship, I learnt so many skills that are useful for my personal, as well as my career, development. It has developed my confidence level and my communication skills too.

“I am thankful for my colleagues, my NVQ assessors and my managers who were always there when I needed help and support during my apprenticeship. There is a lot of diversity within BT and Openreach apprenticeships and you get the opportunity to work alongside people from different cultures, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. We are always learning from each other to become a strong workforce.”

  • Gunja Limbu, Apprentice Network Engineer