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Amazon’s Small Business Accelerator

The Amazon Small Business Accelerator is a major support package for more than 200,000 small businesses to access free online training, expert advice and intensive bootcamps to get selling on Amazon.

What is the campaign about?

The Amazon Small Business Accelerator is a package of support to assist startups and SMEs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic lockdown. The package includes:

  • – free e-learning (online training) for 200,000 new and existing businesses
  • – intensive bootcamps for 1,000 offline businesses to start selling online quickly
  • – 12 month free membership to Enterprise Nation
  • – a bundle of business offers worth over £2,000

By signing up to the Amazon Small Business Accelerator, businesses can access:

> The e-learning programme

The free online curriculum covers topics applicable to all businesses, to help them develop digital skills and quickly put them into practice. Topics include finding a business idea, marketing on social media, selling on Amazon, creating a website and hiring a team.

> Bootcamps

Developed to provide additional, in-depth, tailored support and expertise for up to 1,000 existing small businesses to help them start selling online quickly.

> Expert advice

As part of the package, businesses can get access to free half-hour consultations with expert advisers on the Enterprise Nation platform as part of their free Enterprise Nation membership.

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