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Celebrating Women in Engineering Day with Raytheon UK

International Women in Engineering Day was celebrated for the 8th time on the 23rd of June this year. To mark the occasion Raytheon UK, a Harlow-based employer, has produced a Women in Engineering booklet.

In the booklet, Raytheon outlines some achievements of female engineers throughout history, and showcases three of their very own female engineers with careers in the industry. Raytheon UK is a technology company focused on Defence, Aerospace and Cyber & Intelligence, with ambition to double in size in the next five years. Having pledged to drive diversity and inclusion, as well as gender-balance in the industry, this company is one to keep an eye on in the South East area. Additionally, Raytheon UK promises to provide fair opportunities for women to succeed at all levels.

To find out more about the International Women in Engineering Day; sign up for news; or learn how you can support them, click here.

Raytheon’s booklet can be downloaded from the file linked below.

Women in Engineering Day 2021_June FINAL – 0.85 mb