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Could you be a School Governor Champion?

Have you been considering ways to provide additional opportunities for your employees to gain professional skills in the workplace? Perhaps you are looking at ways to build strong links with your local community and give something back?

Supporting school governance is a great way for your organisation to do all this and more.

Not only does encouraging your staff to serve as school governors provide a free workforce development opportunity, it also means that local schools benefit from the highly sought-after experience that volunteers with digital skills from outside education bring to the table.

Our research shows that not only is governing a good CPD opportunity but is also especially valuable for those looking to advance in their careers into middle management and senior leadership positions. A school’s governing board works as a team to support and challenge senior leadership, guide the strategic direction of the school and ensure public money is well spent. There is no easier way for employees to gain experience of operating in a board-level environment, and bring that knowledge back to the workplace.

To find out more about this FREE service, contact Lynn King, Head of Inspiring Governance Programmes Employer Engagement to discuss how you can get involved and make a difference.