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Shifting the Balance – Closing the gender imbalance in Computing education

Organised by Schools Computing, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls (NCCE Computing Hub for Maidstone & Kent) and Dartford Grammar School (NCCE Computing Hub for Dartford & East Sussex), alongside STEM Learning, this conference is open to Primary and Secondary staff and takes place on March 25th.

The digital tech economy in the UK provides over 1 million jobs and is growing 2.8 times faster than other areas of the UK economy. The future career opportunities are huge yet there is a gender imbalance in those entering this diverse and lucrative industry. We need to enable girls to expand their technical and computational skills and to unlock the door to pursue these opportunities.

  • Why do so few girls take up CS GCSE and A Level?
  • Are teachers – consciously or unconsciously – biased?
  • How can you check if your school is enabling girls into Computing?
  • At which point are girls ‘turned off’ technology?
  • How do you fight the nerd culture?
  • How sexist is the Computing curriculum?

This free conference will bring together influential speakers, experienced teachers and aspirational role models to offer insight on the current gender imbalance of students in Computer Science and Computing in the UK.

Teachers will leave with a clear picture of the national issue that is faced, understanding of how their perceptions and leadership are crucial to the solution, along with a heap of practical solutions to take away and put into place.

Who is conference designed for?

  • Primary teachers
  • Primary senior leaders
  • Secondary Computing teachers
  • Secondary subject and curriculum leaders

The seminars will be focused on specific phases of education within key stages 1 to 4.