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Sneak peek into USP College’s brand new XTEND Digital Campus on Canvey Island

The XTEND Campus Media Wall

At the start of July, South East LEP representatives were invited to view USP College’s brand new XTEND Digital Campus located on Canvey Island. The first of its kind in the UK, the campus is set to open later this year ready to invite students and employers to make use of the facilities.

The facilities at the XTEND Digital campus boast a full range of the newest technologies, including opportunity for the end-to-end development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications all under one roof.

Combining both a pedagogical and a business approach, the campus is able to offer students a unique form of learning. Working alongside Diverse Interactive, students will be able to take on real client briefs as part of a College Company. Not only will this approach benefit businesses in the area, but students can finish their qualification with a portfolio of real skills which can be directly transferred into a professional environment.

The volumetric studio enables advanced 360˚ view imaging which can be applied creatively in digital production.

The XTEND Digital campus includes Immersive Rooms, a concept envisioned and created by its Principal & CEO, Dan Pearson. These digitalised spaces can allow new forms of teaching to take place, with no geographical restrictions, allowing lecturers and specialists to join in from a similar space off-campus. The Immersive Rooms have been boiled down to their current form through years of teaching and gathering experience of what works best for the student and teacher alike. Interactive working screens placed inside the rooms allow for creative group working between the different campuses, increasing the social and learning capacity of one individual teaching lesson.

The two-sided use of the campus also opens the doors of a commercial enterprise, XTEND Digital. With use of amazing tech such as motion capturing, 3D-imaging, a 360˚ view volumetric capture studio, movement simulators, and VR headsets, businesses throughout the UK have great opportunities to level up their digital content and products. In addition, XTEND Digital will offer the venue as a meeting and events venue. The business facilities also include the Discovery Suite, a boardroom style space for idea generation and meetings, as well as a full media wall featuring 20 x 46inch HD screens.

The Immersive Rooms are equipped with interactive boards to enable creative teaching and learning practices.

If the future generation of media, tech and creative industries, as well as businesses in the region are not already impressed with all the above, the XTEND Digital facility is proud to home the very first Teslasuits in the UK. The Teslasuit is a wearable technology with full-body haptic feedback, enabling an entirely new variety of training and VR applications. With the ability to capture motion and biometrics, there is vast potential in using this tool for specialist training within industry as well as enhancing the curriculums at USP College. Check out an introductory video to Teslasuits here.

Having invested in the project, South East LEP is excited to see the opening of the USP College XTEND Campus and all the innovation and education to stem from it.

For more information on XTEND Digital Campus and XTEND Digital Enterprise, please contact