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South Essex College Looking to Train Large Numbers of Logistics Professionals

The UK is facing a shortage in lorry drivers due to the impacts of Brexit and COVID-19.

Mark Bentley, Director of Operations at the South Essex College, explains that the shortage of logistics professionals is becoming a well known issue, with a reputed amount of 100 thousand roles to be filled across the UK.

The college is offering a variety of courses to aid the industry, by allowing individuals to retrain, upskill or start a new career with the following modules:

– Traffic Office Manager Programme
– Driver CPC
– LGV Driver Training (5 day practical course)
– Introduction to LGV Driving
– Introduction to Express Courier
– Forklift Truck Practical Training
– ADR Dangerous Good Driving

Borrowing a quote from the original text by South Essex College, Logistics Commercial Lead Gerard Lewis says the following:

For the past 18 months, Key Workers from the logistics sector have dedicated a great deal of time and effort into keeping the economy and country moving. 
As we begin to rise from the pandemic and the realisation of Brexit strikes home, many opportunities have arisen for individuals to retrain and gain much needed qualifications and skills. The driving industry has been hit particularly hard and needs new blood to help keep our shelves stocked, garages replenished, building materials moving to sites, essential services running and so much more.

Gerard Lewis, Logistics Commercial Lead

To aid the industry, individuals and employers alike can contact to find out more information on training in driving services and upskilling employees.

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