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Support for NEETs: European Social Fund (ESF)

Support for Young People who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET
Community Grants

New ESF Calls for Tender have been issued by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). Calls apply in eight LEP areas only, including SELEP, with match funding provided by the ESFA.

Across a total procurement of approximately £17 million, covering skills support for the unemployed, NEET young people and community grants, there are two Lots in the SELEP area:

  • Support for Young People who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET – £2m (with potential to increase to £3m)
  • South East Community Grants – £750,000 (with potential to increase to £1,125,000)

Calls close on 23rd July with delivery to start from October 2021 and to complete by March 2023.

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Closing date: 23 July 2021
Funding source: European Social Fund
South East LEP Lots:

  • Lot 3: IP1.2 LEP South East Support for Young People who are NEET or At risk of becoming NEET  £2m (with potential to increase to £3m)
  • Lot 6: IP1.4 South East Community Grants  £750,000 (with potential to increase to £1,125,000)

For further information, please visit the DfE eTendering portal.

European Funding

So far nearly £80 million has been invested in a range of programmes and projects to help people in the South East LEP area into work and those already in work to improve their lives. Most of SELEP’s ESF has been allocated or spent and proposals are therefore being developed to utilise ESF national reserve funding to address local priorities. These tenders will be shared on the SELEP website in the coming months and published at along with all ESF calls nationally.

Previous funding calls for the European Social Fund include a call to run a project to deliver programmes within the South East LEP area to support individuals with no qualifications or with level one only (and equivalent) to progress; a call for projects to drive apprenticeship growth across the SELEP area; and grant opportunities for third sector organisations of any size, and small organisations from other sectors, which support unemployed or inactive adults.